"I have been involved in Martial Arts training for over 27 years. During this time, I’ve had the unique opportunity to train with top combatives instructors from around the world; in both civilian and private security work. It is within this context and without reservation that I fully endorse Mr. Scott Babb and the Libre Fighting System.

Mr. Babb is a unique professional, who has attained the elite level as a Fighter, Technician and Teacher. And as for the Libre Fighting System; you will be hard pressed to find another martial art that’s training methodology is more precise, calculated and executed.

Mr. Babb and the Libre Fighting System are extoardinary in that they are equally at home developing civilians, vip security or military personnel. With dedicated practice, it can and will help any individual become much safer in a violent world. And in the final analysis that is what our training is suppposed to do.

If you have the opportunity to train with Mr. Scott Babb; do it."

Robert C. Andersen
Founder Warrior One Combatives
"Libre Fighting is off da hook! The movement is chaotic & a real bitch to deal with."

Nigel February
Founder Piper System

"I came across Libre Fighting Academy on youtube. Head instructor Scott Babb's knife techniques, movements and timing was beyond his years. Seeing a young man with such clean and precise movements was a pleasure and a joy to watch. For true knife training as well as empty hand this is the man to see in southern California."

Sifu Guru Dan Donzella